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Another drug for the treatment of FHV-1 infections: the raltegravir antiretroviral drug that is commonly used in humans to treat HIV infections, and although some
This proves that God can set people free from being gay! Jesus can break every chain, she says “I don’t even desire women anymore!”

This is a powerful water to drink! I wish I knew about this long ago, Alkaline Water is essential to fighting CANCER!

Super Alkaline Water really does the trick.

Ginger Root
Mint leaves

Venezuela was once a very prosperous country. Socialism has taken a horrible toll on what was once a beautiful wealthy country.

The left is criminally insane! I'm sick of the fake outrage,selective amnesia & dirty tricks by the left! The bomb scare is just another false flag!
Trump is smarter than the press. How anyone even could possibly think otherwise at this point is mind boggling.

The difference between Trump and the media is that Trump doesn’t exist to bash the media. The media however exists solely to bash Trump. Also not debatable. - RockPrincess
Do not protect women.
Do not protect children.
They lie to minorities.
They steal our healthcare.
They cheat in our elections.
They lie about our environment.
They hate our troops.
They hate our president.

They are the party of hate, illegals and obstructionists.
A healthy diet consist of many things
- What you watch
- Who you listen to
- What you read
- What you eat
- What you think
"The white liberals control the Negro and the Negro vote by controlling the Negro civil rights leaders. As long as they control the Negro civil rights leaders, they can also control and contain the Negro's struggle, and they can control the Negro's so-called revolt." -Malcom X
When President Trump Took office the DOW was 18,259.60 it's now well beyond that!
Phony people create false fact patterns in their mind in order to justify their behavior.
We have to get back to a place in America where we believe evidence and not gender. Assertions are not proof until they are established with facts and corroborated by evidence.
"Helping those who have been struck by unforeseeable misfortunes is fundamentally different from making dependency a way of life." - Thomas Sowell
The FBI should interview anyone who poses an allegation against congress or Judges and so on. When the FBI finds out they're lying, they should get arrested for lying to the FBI.