Ex Vice President Joe Biden is pedophile suspect


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Joe Biden is video taped touching little girls inappropriately, including touching a little girl on her breasts. Does this guy really think he has a shot at being the President. Q has stated that some of the deep state criminals are saying they are going to run for President. This is an attempt to claim President Trump is only having them investigated because they plan to run against him.

Every liberal in America now says that men shouldn’t force unwanted physical contact on women. Even Democrats who claim they support “women’s rights” won't get a pass. Due to the current heightened scrutiny of sexual assault and sexual harassment, the groping of little girls will rule Biden out as a top presidential contender for 2020.
He is scum! The dimms don't have anyone with integrity, and Biden is a PEDO! If you watch closely, Margaret Coon's mother turns her head away when Biden first starts whispering into her little girls ear.
What most people seem to ignore, and what psychologists need to point out as they they watch these videos, is the fact that Joe Biden is forcibly attempting to sexually arouse these children.

He becomes more aggressive as the children resist. He grabs a little girl's left arm with his left hand. As he is pulling the child towards him and as she is resisting, he forcibly pulls the little girl's elbow to touch his groin at the same time he forcibly kisses her against her will.

If one watches the entire video closely, one will notice that he does this to the one girl that he forcibly kisses while she is trying to resist, and to another girl in a red dress while she is trying to resist him pulling her left elbow towards him. And again, like with the other girl, he is doing it to touch his groin with the child's elbow.

These are not accidents. These are premeditated sexual assaults by a predator. Most of his victims are children.
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Joe Biden has always reminded me of a snake. The way he tries to wrap himself around those young girls and wives as well as the others, according to reports. It's also there when I watch the way he tries to slither out of conflict, and hid. Then its also there when the vicious attack of the coiled snake is needed, of which he is very capable of, as witnessed by journalist not long ago, when the wrong question(s) got ask.

Then if this wasn't enough, there is continuous trail of laughable gaffes that he makes, along with all the "Creepy Joe" lies ... "misquotes, brain freeze or lines in a script that never existed, no matter, Joe knows, or maybe he don't, its all part of his clown routine.

All of this can only lead me to believe that "Creepy Joe the Clown" is really the Joker. Its all that he can do to keep smiling when the world has "treated him so unfairly." He didn't do anything wrong, and he never will. He is the real "Golden Child". Everyone knows that he was really the brains behind everything the Obama Administration did, even if it was wrong. Just ask him, he will be glad to give it to you, play by play, blow by blow.

So as it stands, I hope that our Executive Branch, and the DOJ can put this villain where he belongs, in some prison cell so deep in the ground that he will never see real sunlight again. All while the Demorats are wringing their hands as they run out of ideas on a way to get President Trump out of office, before the 2020 elections, because they know if he gets four more years in office the "swamp" will be drained, and their gig will be over.