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  1. Sgt Hartman

    Comey and Strzok both used personal emails for official FBI business

    The same FBI officials found to be using personal email accounts were responsible for probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email while serving as secretary of state. Obviously they we never going to investigate her if they were doing the exact same this themselves. These people are...
  2. Sgt Hartman

    Happy 243 Birthday Army

    June 14, is the United States Army’s birthday. The United State’s oldest armed force turns 243 years old today, and it’s important to remember all they have done to protect our nation — both at home and abroad. The United States Congress established the Infantry division on June 14, 1775, then...
  3. Sgt Hartman

    One of my favorite songs MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine (Video)

    this is one of my favorite songs, it's hard to choose an ultimate favorite because songs for God are always so soul moving that I can't choose just one.
  4. Sgt Hartman

    Rod Rosenstein is in for a rude awakening

    He thinks he's being really smart for now, eventually when all comes to light, he will see just how stupid he has been all along. He has eyes watching him at all times, he can't do shit without being watched. Q is all over everything he does! When his time comes he'll be singing like a bird!
  5. Sgt Hartman

    CLOWN just clowned by Q over the 6/11 false narrative

    Q just set the record straight pertaining to the 6/11 narrative the clowns were trying to use to discredit Q. Anonymous ID: 170485 No.1702926 📁 NEW Jun 11 2018 15:29:38 (EST) 6/11 ALMOST OVER NO BOOMS, NO JA, NO ARRESTS YES LARP Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 947e1d No.1703304 📁 NEW Jun 11 2018...
  6. Sgt Hartman

    I heard the Tony Awards sucked

    Did anybody here happen to catch that commie bullshit?
  7. Sgt Hartman

    Wife chooses dogs over husband after 25 years

    Husband tells his wife that she is taking in too many dogs, and either the dogs go or he goes. She chose the dogs over her husband of 25 years. This is just stupid of her in my opinion. She had a perfect opportunity to show the man that loves her and put up with her dogs for 25 years, that she...
  8. Sgt Hartman

    James Wolfe indicted for lying to the FBI about his leaks to the media

    Finally they throw a "leaker" to the wolves, I'll take it anyway I can get it at this point. Wolfe, 57, is charged with lying to the FBI during a Dec. 15, 2017 interview about whether he knew the journalists and had contact with them on certain dates. In one case, Wolfe denied knowing a reporter...
  9. Sgt Hartman

    DOJ to indict former staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

    The Department of Justice is expected to indict a former staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence over an unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. The Wall Street Journal report that the indictment will be handed down within days. The staffer has not been identified...
  10. Sgt Hartman

    Arkansas court hears case over medical marijuana permits

    An attorney for a company that unsuccessfully applied for a license to grow medical marijuana in Arkansas called the process for permitting such businesses "flawed and corrupt" on Thursday as state Supreme Court justices questioned whether a judge had the power to prevent those licenses from...
  11. Sgt Hartman

    Pennsylvania man killed his 60 yr old mother said he found the body

    This guy is a crazy idiot, following the interview with WNEP in which he hypothesized about gang hits among other scenarios, Haverly was charged with homicide. “It would be like a place where people from the city would want to put a body because most likely it wouldn’t be found,” he said...
  12. Sgt Hartman

    Fast-food giant McDonald’s preparing to lay off employees

    The company’s president sent out an email to employees, suppliers and franchisees on Wednesday, saying the restructuring process means some employees will ultimately “exit our system,” according to The Wall Street Journal, which reviewed the memo. The scope of the layoffs was not immediately...
  13. Sgt Hartman

    These colleges have no respect for America

    Every time I turn around some college students are saying something disrespectful about the United States. They need better professors on these libtard college campuses. They are turning into a bunch of crying babies, they aren't ready for real life with that attitude.
  14. Sgt Hartman

    A solider stole an armored personnel carrier from a Virginia National Guard base

    Virginia State Police said in a news release the incident began around 7:50 p.m., when the M577 armored personnel carrier was driven away from Fort Pickett in Nottoway County. The military vehicle, which moves on tracks similar to a tank, was not equipped with any weaponry and is the property of...