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    Obama one of the 13 individuals Clinton had direct contact using personal email

    Obama had one too, he used it for his dirt also. Everybody has a personal email account outside of their job, but they used it for classified material. Because they are dirty, stupid, commies! Selling secrets and doing other illegal activities.
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    FBI mentions Clintons crime against children in OIG report

    They are being sheltered by our own FBI, which means our tax dollars are being used to protect them. Something better be done about this, damn it!
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    FBI texts messages show REAL plot against we the people and POTUS

    Those dirty commies need to be sent to prison! They betrayed the American people and our democracy, this is blatant treason against America.
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    Comey and Strzok both used personal emails for official FBI business

    The same FBI officials found to be using personal email accounts were responsible for probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email while serving as secretary of state. Obviously they we never going to investigate her if they were doing the exact same this themselves. These people are...
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    Happy 243 Birthday Army

    June 14, is the United States Army’s birthday. The United State’s oldest armed force turns 243 years old today, and it’s important to remember all they have done to protect our nation — both at home and abroad. The United States Congress established the Infantry division on June 14, 1775, then...
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    One of my favorite songs MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine (Video)

    this is one of my favorite songs, it's hard to choose an ultimate favorite because songs for God are always so soul moving that I can't choose just one.
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    Rod Rosenstein is in for a rude awakening

    He thinks he's being really smart for now, eventually when all comes to light, he will see just how stupid he has been all along. He has eyes watching him at all times, he can't do shit without being watched. Q is all over everything he does! When his time comes he'll be singing like a bird!
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    Spy gate is real our intel agencies are dirty

    Thank God he is using Trump and the Q team to clean house. It's not going to happen overnight, but it is happening everyday.
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    DOJ to release documents on use of FBI informant in 2016 presidential campaign

    You were right, Q just confirmed that the docs will be redacted. I'm tired of this too but things will come to light one way or another.
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    Q Anon is working for us everyday

    Q is going to break the evil ones down! Even when he is silent he is still doing what is most needed to bring victory back to our country!
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    CLOWN just clowned by Q over the 6/11 false narrative

    Q just set the record straight pertaining to the 6/11 narrative the clowns were trying to use to discredit Q. Anonymous ID: 170485 No.1702926 📁 NEW Jun 11 2018 15:29:38 (EST) 6/11 ALMOST OVER NO BOOMS, NO JA, NO ARRESTS YES LARP Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 947e1d No.1703304 📁 NEW Jun 11 2018...
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    Latest drop is urging us to track all the recent suicides

    That's exactly what Q is trying to extinguish, weaponizing our intel community for illegal activity is out right treason! We have a lot going on and I'm glad Q is on the job.
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    I heard the Tony Awards sucked

    Did anybody here happen to catch that commie bullshit?
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    Over 100 arrests after ICE agents raided an Ohio lawn and garden business

    That company is going to have a lot of positions to fill, do you think they'll use zip recruiter this time?
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    More parents are considering home schooling, do you support them

    I would rather home school these days, it's just safer on so many levels.